About CAM, Inc.

Competitive Advantage Marketing, Inc. (CAM) specializes in helping companies extend their sales and marketing reach and expand their bottom-lines.  We help start-ups and small companies grow and growing companies thrive in a competitive environment.

The essence of marketing is to create a strategy – and a strategic framework for all your sales and marketing efforts – that resonates with your target audience, and then implement that strategy with cohesive messages and tactics that make prospects want to talk to you.

But that is just part of what we do.

  • Sales and Marketing Should Reflect Your Unique Sales and Business Needs and Goals

Not all companies have the same issues, the same resources, or the same needs.  Our decades of practical, hands-on experience allow us to help clients with virtually all their sales and marketing issues and requirements, from strategy development through messaging and implementation plans into new product development assessment, social media, and more.

  • Marketing Should Be Actionable and Practical, amplifying the effectiveness of your sales efforts

We do not indulge in theory or jargon-filled reports.  Without effective implementation, even the best strategies, concepts, and plans will fail.  We provide actionable, real-world solutions to real-world problems.  From social media tactics to tried and true methodologies, we’ve been there.  We can help you expand your marketing reach – and sales effectiveness.  We will help you stand above the crowd.

  • Marketing and Sales Require Process and Skill

In fact, our experience has allowed us to both pioneer new techniques for managing marketing and sales operations in larger enterprises and the development of simple, cost-effective programs to get smaller company marketing and sales programs up and running effectively.  We excel at aligning sales and marketing strategies and tactics that bolster the bottom-line.


Email us with your questions.  We can help.