The Relevance of B2B Mobile Marketing

The Relevance of B2B Mobile Marketing

When it comes to “Mobile Marketing”, most of the emphasis is on consumer facing activities. So what about mobile-enabled business customers? Can mobile marketing be effective with this audience? And what exactly is B2B mobile marketing?

When it comes to marketing to business customers (B2B), the term “Mobile Marketing” must be considered in a different context than the more familiar consumer focus of organizations such as the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). First off, in the B2B space, mobile devices are typically smartphones and tablets – feature phones are not a focus. Next, it is as much about how to leverage mobile technology to help you close a B2B sale as it is about running a mobile promotion. Typically we are not talking about impulse purchases.

So how does B2B mobile marketing present itself? Here are a few examples:

• Mobile presentation tools and services (that leverage mobile device UIs)
• Mobile sales tools (ROI calculators, signature capture, printers, projectors)
• Mobile access to Web services (build loyalty & simplify doing business)
• Thought Leadership/Engagement Communications (Emails, Tweets, Posts)

So is there a place for traditional consumer mobile marketing tactics in the B2B selling environment: Actually – yes. In the right mobile environment, such as conferences, trade shows and training events, tactics such as QR codes, short codes, coupons, and promotional games can be effective:

• Mobile Q&A via text or Twitter
• QR Codes , Snap Tags or coupons for in-booth or online gift redemptions or links to online information or test materials.
• Interactive maps of campuses and convention centers
• Interactive polling and surveys, like with MClk, to keep attendees engaged
• Meal or special event tickets or payments

Even in the context of business, we are still people. We like the new and novel. We are hooked on mobile, and it’s not going away. But mobile is personal, so just as in consumer mobile marketing, you’d better be relevant. Business people are overworked with no time to waste.

The creative effort behind mobile B2B marketing is in relevance – to the business case, to the mobile use case and to the mobile user. Stay focused on those three items and mobile can become a valuable adjunct to your B2B sales and marketing efforts.

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