Social Media

CAM goes beyond the hype about social media.

We develop integrated, cross-platform social media strategies that support your real world business objectives and revenue goals.  We design carefully crafted implementation plans and tactics that bring those strategies to life, engaging your audience and increasing your prospects. 

We help you get tangible ROI from your social media investment.

CAM’s in-depth social media experience and expertise will:

  • Ensure that you spend your time and effort on the right platform(s) for your business.  Not all social media are right for all industries or for all companies.  Why waste time where you can expect very little return?
  • Ensure that your social media efforts (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, etc.) work together, and together with your over-all marketing efforts, not as separate and distinct entities.
  • Prevent customer/prospect confusion with your messaging – often caused when there is only a marginal integration with other initiatives, such as a web site, content marketing, mobile marketing, etc.
  • Enable you to use social media to test your messages and tweak your over-all marketing approach and tactics.
  • Protect your reputation.  Prevent the damage a poor understanding of platform norms and the inappropriate use of social media can do to your reputation.
  • Go beyond the counting of “likes,” “connects,” and “follows.”  We will help you measure your social media impact in the real world of the competitive marketplace with real world, useful metrics.


We can help you get the best results from your social media investment.

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