Consulting Services

 All the services we provide have two essential elements as their basis:

  • The creation and implementation of solutions to business problems, and
  • Being an objective sounding board to business owners for the key decisions they need to make.

  Some of our key services are:

Services related to key decision-making:

  • Participate in the development of strategic vision of company
  • Recommendations on areas for improvement or future growth
  • Product and market migration and strategy
  • Risk analysis and reduction
  • Support executive, marketing, and administrative projects

Services related to operations:

  • Business process review
  • Internal control improvements and implementation
  • Program and project management
  • Outsourcing coordination and management
  • Recommendations on how to reduce overhead
  • Recommendations on how to improve marketing
  • Supervision and development of marketing staff

Among other services are:

  • Merger and acquisition review and analysis
  • Succession planning
  • New business development
  • Consultation on exit strategy for business owner

  In addition, clients often ask that we:

  • Pre-screen banks and bankers for commercial loans
  • Act as a central resource for other professional services they need; for example, accountants, pension professionals, financial planners, property/casualty and health insurance, attorneys, IT resources, etc.