Professional Practices Communications

Professional practices today face a series of challenges. They must retain their current client and patient base; and they must expand it. They must provide more and more information and education; and they cannot cut into their billable hours.

Competitive Advantage Marketing is pioneering a simple, cost-effective, program to ameliorate these issues. Our program is specifically designed to bring the same professional expertise we provide major corporations to the particular requirements of professional practices.

Our two-sided one-sheet brochures are informational and educational. They give you the ability to explain your particular practice, your credentials, and provide basic educational information to your clients and patients.

These professional practices’ one-sheet brochures are custom-designed to provide you with a look that supports your stature as a professional. They are custom-written to provide your clients and patients with information they need and want – and will pass on to others.

For example:

Attorney's Videography

Neurological Associates Brookdale