Messaging Integration Analysis

Social media sites are growing at an almost exponential rate.  They allow us to personalize our messages, interact with customers, and get real-time feedback on what the marketplace is saying about us.  In addition, of course, we have the tried and true web sites, product packaging and product information, PR and corporate or product advertising, sales materials, marketing collateral, etc.

It has never been easier to reach out to customers and prospects.  And it has never been harder to ensure that these customers and prospects get the consistent and coherent picture on which our strategies are built.

CAM, Inc. has developed a solution to this emerging issue, a solution that both allows you to:

  • Ensure the alignment of your messages and
  • Measure whether your tactical implementation is in synch with your strategy.

CAM’s Messaging Integration Analysis Program is a complete audit of all messaging – explicit and implied – across a defined section of your enterprise.  The analysis will identify the inconsistencies, gaps, and opportunities for optimization in the messages with which you reach out to the marketplace.  Further, our proprietary algorithm will measure the alignment of your marketing tactics with your business objectives.

And to ensure that this is an actionable management tool, our results are displayed in an easy to absorb Marketing Integration Matrix™ in spreadsheet format.  Our Matrix allows you to see – at a glance – where there is misalignment, ineffective messaging, no messaging at all, or where your tactics are on target.

A scalable process, it is equally effective for use on a single product, a business unit, or the entire enterprise.

CAM’s Messaging Integration Analysis Program offers several concrete benefits:

1.  It provides a tool for managing marketing operations.  It allows management to easily track and monitor the implementation of strategy at the tactical level.

2.  It allows management to control how messages are being conveyed to the marketplace, eliminating the noise of employee interpretations of those messages in different media.

3.  It ensures consistent and coherent customer/prospect out-reach and communications.

Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how this unique approach can benefit your organization.