“Content Management”

“Content Management”

At what point did marketing become so enamored with jargon that we started to create whole new fields and sub-specialties based on it?

When did speaking to customers and prospects – in whatever forum or fashion – become “content creation”?

We now have blogs, articles, Webinars, discussions, and consultants telling us how to create “content,” how to manage it, how to do “content curation,” and what we should be trying to achieve with our “content management” systems.

So let’s bring everything down to earth for a moment.

Marketing’s job has always been to engage an audience.  The only thing that has changed is the number of ways in which we do it.  The challenge is not “content creation.”  The challenge is keeping what we say – our “content” – on point, with a consistent and coherent message.

Marketing’s job is to familiarize the marketplace with the organization’s strengths, its products, and its services in a way that captures potential customers’ interest.

So how do you do that?

♦        KISS.  Keep your message simple (which is not the same as simplistic) and consistent. And be sure that you are talking to your audience, not at it.

♦        If you don’t have something meaningful to say, don’t say anything.  Quality wins out over quantity every time.

♦        Don’t feel compelled to fill up empty space – on the social media sites, on your Web site, in your blog – just because you are “supposed to” publish on a regular basis. (Unless, of course, you are more concerned about pleasing a search engine than worried about boring the pants off prospects.)

Let’s get back to basics.  And the basics haven’t changed.  Forget “content” creation.  Just remember that you are trying to talk to customers and prospects in a meaningful way.


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